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In Memory of Micah Gregg

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His passing
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From birth, Micah had a congenital heart defect.His Aortic valve(in his heart) didn't open and close properly. His cardiologist wanted to wait to have it replaced once he was an adult, b/c he was still growing. He was VERY active in sports all through school. Soccer, baseball and basketball. At the time of his passing, he developed a abnormal calcium buildup in his valve(Aortic)which constricted the bloodflow.  On Sunday night(February 20th, 2000), Angels came, whispered his name to come home. And so that's when he left us. It's taken me a long time to realize what happened with his heart was NO ONE'S fault, b/c calcium buildups can occur at anytime, and no one saw it coming. He was in perfect health, healthier than most teenagers our age. He was born an Angel to Touch our lives with his kind soul and he left an Angel, leaving his memories with us. Someone I know I will NEVER forget.

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