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In Memory of Micah Gregg

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Hello, My name is Renee Hoffman and welcome to Micah's Page. There was a different website I made for him, BUT I can no longer log in, so here's this one! I made this web~site so that his sweet memory will NOT be forgotten. Although, sometimes we tend not to speak of loved ones who have passed, it's not our faults, for we are only human. Deep down we think not talking makes it more bearable, It may for some people, but that's not the case for me. I feel it helps to talk. SO that's why I made this page, to keep his memory alive for all of us who knew him and to introduce his kind spirit to  the people who did not know him. Please stay a while, look through the pictures, read the poems. Bookmark this page and come back!  Also, please sign the guestbook and let him know you were here! I know he reads every entry!


I had this made for Micah! IF you want to order one yourself, plz click on it!

Micah's Find a grave page.




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